Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Litigation is a calculated practice at our firm, designed to help reach your objective with clear strategies in mind. The lawyers at Hara & Company have generations of advocacy experience and in-depth knowledge of the court system. This allows us to guide your case effectively to a timely resolution. Court can be unpredictable, but choosing experienced counsel ensures that all of the tools available, including settlement strategies, mediation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution in addition to litigation are used to your best advantage.

Our areas of work include:

Commercial Litigation

Disputes between businesses and business related issues

Estate Litigation

Legal issues regarding trusts and estates including disputes over the validity and variations of wills

Wrongful Dismissal

Situations where an employee’s contract of employment was improperly terminated by an employer

Personal Injury

Injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident, someone else’s negligence, or unsafe premises